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 #101 - Essentials CellSentials Pack - USANA’s triple-action cellular nutrition system: Core Minerals & Vita-Antioxidant



US $58.25 Cust $52.95 Auto 47.66 - CA $70.35 Cust $63.95 Auto $57.56 - UK £46.09 Cust £41.90 Auto £37.71 - AU $84.70 Cust $77.00 Auto $69.30 - EU (Ne, Fr, Be) 60.39 Cust  €54,90 Auto €49.41 

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#110 Proflavanol C100 (Hybrid Technology) - USANA’s groundbreaking bioflavonoid and advanced vitamin C supplement



US $46.15 Cust $41.95 Auto $37.76 - CA $54.95 Cust  $49.95 Auto $44.96 - UK £40.15 Cust £36.50 Auto £32.85 - AU $73.70  Cust $67.00 Auto $60.30 - EU (Ne, Fr, Be) €43.89 Cust €39.90 Auto €35.91 - NZ $84.70 Cust $77.00 Auto $69.30

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#120 MagneCal D - Complete bone health formula for adolescents and adults




US $23.05 Cust $20.95 Auto $18.86 - CA $28.55 Cust $25.95 Auto $23.36  UK £19.69 Cust £17.90 Auto £15.21 - AU  $34.10 Cust $31.00 Auto $27.90 - EU (Ne, Fr, Be) €28.05 Cust €25.50 Auto €22.95 NZ $41.80 Cust $38.00 Auto $34.20 

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#126 Ginkgo-PS - Unique Ginkgo biloba formula supporting acute memory function and cognition. (Purely extracted Ginkgo  with Phosphatidylserine - key in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain)  



US $38.45 Cust $34.95 Auto $31.46 - CA  $48.35 Cust $43.95 Auto $39.56 - UK (US) - AU $58.30 Cust $53.00 Auto $47.70 - EU (Ne, Fr, Be) €73.70 Cust €67.00 Auto 60.30 - NZ $41.80 Cust $38.00 Auto $34.20

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#122 BiOmega - High-quality, ultra-pure fish oil supplement  


US $28.98 Cust $26.35 Auto $23.95 - CA  $31.85 Cust $28.95 Auto $26.06 - UK $21.45 Cust $19.50 Auto $17.55 - AU $35.20 Cust $32.00 Auto $28.80 - EU (N/A) - NZ $44.00 Cust $40.00 Auto $36.00   

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#123 CoQuinone 30 - An optimal combination of Coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid.


US $41.75 Cust $37.95 Auto $34.16 - CA  $54.95 Cust $49.95 Auto $44.96 -  UK (US) - AU  $82.50 Cust $75.00 Auto $67.50 - EU (US) - NZ - (100 mg)  $91.30 Cust $83.00 Auto $74.70

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These are Preferred Prices (New Ordering customers) which are 10% below Retail (similar to wholesale).  Click on each product name for description, ingredients, etc. details.  **See Below for simple explanation of how to get even more off (full 20% discount) ongoing through Auto Order Reward..(no fee..).



The Company's Return Policy states that you can return all products within the first 30 days of purchase whether opened and used or not and receive full credit.  After the 30 days, you can return products that have not been opened or used and will receive credit for 90% of orders due to their re-stocking fee of 10%.

Your credit card information is not kept or used by myself and is kept on file with Usana only if you agree to it for future orders.  Let me know If you need to pay by check or m.o. 


  1.) Call Denise @ 1-401-287-4227 or email here Anytime. We can discuss any questions, concerns or place your order...Note: If you call USANA directly you will need my sponsor info. No. 2412391.002L and name Denise Griffin.  I am here to help you forward as you like!

How To Buy On Auto Order (Rewards)

  • 10% Off Preferred Prices (This is similar to buying at below wholesale):

  • For New Customer Ordering (click on Customer) - Your prices are automatically Less. However, if you set up your Auto Order, and keep in place 2 consecutive Autoshipments within 8 weeks, you will receive all your Rewards: 
  • Say you pay this Preferred price for your Initial order.  (ex. $100)

  • Your first Auto Order set up will be 10% off plus 5% off the Initial order.  ($100-$10=$90-$5=approx. $80)

  • Your 2nd Auto Order will be 10% off plus 5% off the Initial order.  (approx. $80)

  • Then, As long as on Auto Order, prices are 10% off the Preferred Price...this is the lowest price with the most discount.  (approx. $90)

Feel free to check out these links on each supplement.  Keep in mind, though, that when you click into each product the prices that show there are Retail (10% more than Preferred and 20% more than Auto Order).  

Adding Auto Order is encouraged as it has cash benefits and is the lowest price..something to consider when continually purchasing or following a specific recommendation.

You conveniently receive monthly(bimonthly) shipments in a timely manner as you need them and you have your own USANA online account where you can edit products, payment method, or shipment date to your AUTO ORDER at any time..You are always in control!

Instructions for Ordering Online as a USANA Customer

2.) Go to Order Online then

Online Enrollment: 

Choose your Country

Under Account Type:  Choose Customer 


Fill in Information:

Enter Initial Order:

If you choose MyHealthPak the screens will lead you to creating a Name and choosing your customized supplements for AM and PM packs.  The limit is 8 per pack...then leads you back to your application. .

Fill in section for Initial Auto Order  Note: Make sure you put your order in twice as it comes to doing this. What you are doing is putting in your 1st order and then the 2nd one is setting up your 1st Auto Order (to ship 28 days later..or however many weeks you choose between shipments).  So the Initial order are the products you want sent now and the second is for supps you want for the coming month.  Keep in mind you will have your own USANA account and can access to edit later as you choose

Select Items, 

Finish by entering the rest...

Priority is most reliable and quicker than most methods.

Make sure you  click 'SAVE' for ALL INFORMATION, especially at the end..last page!

Note: Email me at or, or call / text me at the number above anytime or if you need my help or have questions.

3.) Order at Shop Online - Quick View Products & Order -...Automatic 10% off with additional 10% Rewards option.

4.) Retail Shopping & Ordering - Here



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