USANA's Preferred Customer Program


Why join USANA's Preferred Customer program?

It's Free

You pay the wholesale price instead of retail the retail price

Preferred customers on Autoship receive an additional 10% discount on the wholesale price

Did we mention it's free?


Here's How it Works

1. Click here.

2. Select your country and press "continue."

3. Select "Preferred Customer" where is says "Become a Preferred Customer" and press "Continue."

4. Fill out the form paying special attention to the required fields. Press "Continue."

5. Verify your information and press "Click here to confirm."

6. You will be asked if you want the order shipped to you or if you would prefer to pick it up at the warehouse. Select "Order will be shipped to you from local warehouse."

7. Select the products you would like to order. Press "Continue."

8. Verify your order and press "Continue."

9. Select your Autoship order for the following month. This can be changed or cancelled at any time and you will not be charged until your order ships the following month. Setting up an Autoship order will ensure that you are paying the lowest possible price (wholesale price plus a 10% autoship discount).

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