Director - Marketing & Communications

Department: Canadian Marketing
Job Description: In line with corporate strategic direction; responsible for conceptualizing, developing and executing marketing programs to support the company’s independent distributors, and enhance their ability to promote USANA products and business opportunity. In line with corporate strategic direction; responsible for leading the planning and implementation of the Company’s branding, communication and positioning strategies to achieve sustainable business growth. Reports to Vice President of Canada, but is heavily involved in communications with the Company CCO and marketing with the Company’s CMO and their respective groups. Serves as a liaison to the home office in the communications and marketing field. Located in the Vancouver Office.
Duties/Responsibilities: Essential Functions • In line with corporate strategic direction; manage the company brand management and product launches, increase in brand awareness & percentage business growth, create and execute annual 12 month marketing calendar. • Develop impactful communications and education to the field base through online & print mediums; ensure all communication and education to the field is targeted, timely and relevant in line with strategic direction. • Compile annual budget based on the marketing business plan for the following year. • Sponsorship & Public Relations; leverage & increase the athletes’ profiles with USANA, effectively use product sponsorship & PR to maximize the benefits & increase awareness of USANA across Canadian markets, increased Associate sponsorship and Preferred Customers numbers • Develop good rapport with high level Associates & Corporate staff. Develop productive relationships to support company projects and strategic direction. • Product pricing, promotions, forecasts & margin reviews; ensure products are competitive in the marketplace & achieve corporate profitability margins, ensure all promotions are accurately forecast, increase sales. • Conduct market research; business surveys & focus groups held & competitor analysis undertaken to support company strategic planning. • Keep abreast of industry regulatory & compliance issues. • Effectively support and market USANA events. Assist in the co-ordination of major events. Additional Job Functions • Perform other duties as assigned or needed.
Qualifications: • Excellent written and oral communication skills. • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications, or related field required. • 5+ years of experience in a marketing or product management position • Direct Sales Experience desired • Proven success in developing marketing communications and promotions • The ability to work well in diverse teams to accomplish common goals • Above average project management skills and the ability to coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously while meeting deadlines • Knowledge of nutritional supplements, personal care or consumer products. • Understanding marketing mix, communications and promotions • Experience in managing multiple projects • Experience in working with cross functional teams • Experience in creating marketing plans, product positioning statements and executing successful product campaigns • Experience in marketing methods to increase business and profitability. • Ability to efficiently and effectively perform all essential position duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation without posing a direct safety threat to others or self.
Salary Range*: CA Grade 15
Location: Canada
Posting Date: 03/13/2013
Open Until Filled
*Salary Disclaimer - The salary listed is a minimum only or refers to an internal grade. Final salary is commensurate with related skills, education, experience and abilities and will be determined in the interview.
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