Business Analyst II

Department: I.T.
Job Description: Are you someone who enjoys working with data and has a passion for driving business results via reporting, analytics and business intelligence? A person who is great at building, developing, and improving our business intelligence architecture & reporting solutions, and analyzing data so our business stakeholders can make critical decisions to successfully manage their operations? We are looking for an experienced business leader who can provide insight, strategic direction and strong execution to drive our business intelligence operations on the USANA IT team. This role will work with end users and management in all business departments to identify business analysis needs, identify source of data needed to perform analysis, analyze data and extract trends, create reports and charts to show end users the results, and work with end users to train them on how to appropriately utilize the analysis. Create analytic and operational reports, graphs, and charts to help optimize operational processes, generate revenue, and predict future business results (e.g. revenue, enrollments, and commissions). Establish reporting for contests and promotions and work with end users to validate the results to ensure data quality. Manage reporting tools and meta data to facilitate in end users being able to work with data and perform data analysis on their own as well as refresh canned reports. Establish easy to use reporting tools for end users to access and perform independent analysis and train end users on doing analysis.
Duties/Responsibilities: Work with end users to identify business requirements and follow up with end users to validate that completed project meet their needs. Create and update Business Objects Universes to establish a robust metadata layer for end user to use in creating their own reports and performing their own data analysis. Create and produce reports, dashboards, charts, and graphs as requested by users using pre-defined Business Objects universes and custom SQL. Perform ad hoc queries and predictive analysis to help business users make informed decisions. Give recommendations based on data analysis. Create statistical models to represent business processes, contests, and predictive analytics to help business users more accurately act both reactively and proactively to changes in customer behavior. Work with Odyssey, Web, and ERP programmers to identify business rules surrounding data and business processes and apply these business rules to analytics. Work with Data Warehouse Programmers to ensure that the correct data is being pulled from Odyssey, Web, ERP, and other systems to perform analysis. Perform end user training to help end users understand Business Objects Enterprise and how to effectively use it to perform their jobs. Perform data validation operations on reports and data loads. Manage workload through weekly status reports to data warehouse manager. Complete tasks assigned by the BI manager in a timely manner and communicate progress to end users. Additional Job Functions include: Understand the data in the data warehouse and be able troubleshoot missing and incorrect data in the system. Understand the data in other systems and the transformations that the data goes through to get into the data warehouse. Understand in detail USANA’s MLM compensation program. Understand, in general terms, USANA’s business processes. Other duties as assigned. Understand and adhere to GMP policies and procedures.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree required in Statistics, Business, Information Systems or related field. 1-3 years relevant experience required (degree preferred). Experience building scorecards, dashboards, and other business reporting. Understanding of Business Objects Enterprise, SQL Navigator, Microsoft Excel, Business Objects Universe Designer. Understand in detail USANA’s Multi-Level Marketing structure and compensation plan. Possesses understanding of the software development lifecycle. Possesses intermediate computer-programming skills. Strong written and oral communication skills. Self-motivated, team-oriented, high level performer. Ability to accept and complete tasks and report progress to direct management. Ability to train end-users to access and utilize applications developed to deliver information based on the data in the data warehouse. Ability to efficiently and effectively perform all essential position duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation without posing a direct safety threat to others or self.
Salary Range*: Grade 15
Location: Salt Lake City
Posting Date: 05/03/2013
Open Until Filled
*Salary Disclaimer - The salary listed is a minimum only or refers to an internal grade. Final salary is commensurate with related skills, education, experience and abilities and will be determined in the interview.
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