After a Life on the Move, Dan Macuga is Settling Down

By David Baker

Sometimes Dan Macuga has an impulse to move the furniture in his house around. Most people do from time to time, but USANA’s chief communications officer literally gets uncomfortable when the couches and chairs are in the same place for too long.

It’s not a certain feng shui he’s lacking. It’s the very act of changing that Dan seeks—the kind of constant change he grew up with and the movement that’s been missing the last few years.

“I’ve lived in Utah longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, and that’s just over five years,” Dan says.

He lived in 20 different houses growing up. He’s lived in Michigan, Connecticut, New Mexico, Texas, California, Washington, and Utah. “My dad worked for IBM,” Dan says. “We called it ‘I be movin’.’”

All the moves taught flexibility and the importance of being able to talk to people. If Dan hadn’t mastered the skill, he never would’ve had any friends. But he figured it out, and developed a love of people that is still clearly seen today.

The things that helped Dan survive a nomadic childhood also help him thrive in his career. He worked for 15 years with Chrysler, later DaimlerChrysler, doing everything from customer service to working with dealers, to sales, service, and marketing. His last stop before USANA was in Texas doing the marketing for the southwestern United States and helping design and build the new Ram truck.

He drives a big black Jeep now. “My car has 70,000 miles on it,” he says. “When I worked for Chrysler, I never had a car that had more the 10,000 miles on it—ever—in 15 years.”

It’s just another sign that Dan is settling down. And he’s OK with that.

Michigan was cool because of all the seasons—as a kid Dan remembers riding his big wheel into piles of leaves—and California has the sun. But his favorite is where he lives now: Park City.

His whole family loves the mountains, where they hike and mountain bike in the summer and ski in the winter. In fact, they love it so much, that the Macugas might soon make up a sort of snow-sports dynasty.

Dan’s daughter Samantha is a ski jumper and just joined the luge team. Lauren has the alpine ski racing covered. Alli holds down freestyle moguls. His son Daniel likes racing and generally jumping off of things.

“People ask me if I’m trying to have four kids in the Olympics,” Dan says. “I always tell them it would sure be cool to be the first
dad to do that, but that is a lot to ask. If we even get just one to hit, one thing is for sure—it’ll be the cheapest sponsored athlete USANA has ever had.”

There are other mountains, but few are as conducive to building Olympians. That alone makes it an attractive place to settle. But also consider, for a second, the mountains themselves and the large evergreens that grow out of the fertile alpine soil.

Seems a good place to put down roots, right? Luckily, Dan agrees—even
if that means moving the couches every so often.

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