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By David Baker

The five letters have always been small. Just glance at a handful of tablets and you might miss them. That hasn’t changed. But now there are curves where there used to be edges. Small, subtle changes to some, sure. Not to someone who has been a part of making thousands of tablets during nearly 15 years of service.

To Maria Figueroa, the small letters imprinted on those pills and the changes they’ve undergone this year are anything but.

“I think it’s great that they could take something that’s just the name of USANA and turn it into something new,” Maria says of how the company’s updated look has changed the appearance of the tablets. “We were really excited when we got to see it because we make our tablets, so we were the first ones to actually see the new logo and label.”

Over her almost 15 years, Maria has played different parts in the production process—working her way up from sanitation to blending and dispensing to compression to coating to sorting to senior lead, helping all the processes run smoothly to guarantee a high-quality product. Maria has made her mark on countless tablets, and USANA has made its mark on her life. She says the company has provided the knowledge, support, and the team environment that has helped her learn and advance. That’s why she notices and cares about something as seemingly small as five letters on a tablet.

And she’s not alone. People make the tablets here. People make USANA. Whether it’s employees like Maria, who are connected to every aspect of creating the USANA experience, or Associates who spread that experience and vision around the world. So when things change, the entire USANA family is impacted.

But what is the impact, exactly? How has this change touched the people focused on helping you love life and live it? Maybe they should tell the story.

Manufacturing Change
ou usually find Heidi Nealey cleaning the tableting machine “so it looks pretty” or making pills—same as she has for six years. For Heidi—a manufacturing technician specializing in compression—a great day is running Active Calcium™. A less great day is a run of Hepasil DTX™. Bi-layer tablets are very touchy, she says.

Like Maria, Heidi literally puts her stamp on the USANA experience. “I have my hand in making a really good product,” Heidi says. “It’s kind of awesome.”

We still use solid science and the best raw materials to produce a blend that Heidi and others turn into tablets. So it’s at the compression stage where the impact of rebranding is felt most. But the biggest change is largely unseen, stashed away in drawers and secured tightly into machines.

You need tooling—a metal mold, basically—and pressure to compress powdered ingredients into tablets. Change the logo, and you have to change that tooling. Which is exactly what our manufacturing team was working on leading up to the rebranding announcement.

It’s more than a change in instrumentation, though. The new logo stamped into the tablets Heidi is creating represents a change in attitude. She says the rebranding embraces so many things—helping people, community, being a global company—while renewing a sense of family and togetherness, something she’s felt since she started here as a temp.

Packaging Personalization
The effects of rebranding are easiest to spot in the packaging area. New, molded caps twist mechanically onto bottles that will bear redesigned labels. A trail of gorgeous new packaging shuffles down the line, inching ever closer to your doorstep.

But if you focus long enough on an area behind the main bottling line, maybe you’ll see the origins of our truly personalized approach.

MyHealthPak™ is a revolution in personalized nutrition. You choose. You get exactly what you need. You are the focus. That spirit has spread from this little room—surrounded by a curtain of clear plastic—to the rest of the company.

“We’re not all a cookie cutter. We’re individuals,” says David Johnson, an operations trainer. “That’s what MyHealthPak does—it makes sure you get what you deserve and what’s best for you, not what’s best for the masses.”

David started on the bottling line two years ago. Now he reviews standard operating procedures, helps ensure the safety of the people and product, and trains others on machines, including those that make your MyHealthPaks. Each machine is run by a person who takes the time to inspect the order so you receive what you need and what you deserve—personalized attention.

“At USANA, it’s the person that matters,” he says. “You’re dealing with an individual, their life, and how to better their lives. And that’s really what we do here as a company, make sure that their life is better in any way that we can.”

Being a Part of Something Bigger
Sarah Searle has been with USANA for almost half her life.

“I’ve worked here for 17 years, and I have loved every minute of it,” she says.

Like Maria, Sarah’s done a variety of jobs here—customer service, executive assistant, receptionist, creative services, and marketing. She never directly made product, but she’s been involved in many of the other things that shape the USANA experience. Her current role as the brand experience manager fits perfectly. She’s responsible for the way the world sees the USANA brand.

So she’s pretty familiar with the rebrand—from the new logo to the new, personalized approach. Sarah looked at everything with our logo on it, helped develop a list of things to be updated, and is working to see how employees can help personalize the USANA experience.

“Personalization means that USANA can be whatever you want it to be,” Sarah says. Anything from being a product user, to making it a full-time job, to having a group to belong to. It’s all about what you want USANA to be for you.

For Sarah, it has been a big part of her life. Over the years, she’s developed relationships with members of the USANA family, and she feels a connection with Associates. And the new logo represents that connection to Sarah. “I think it makes people feel more a part of something,” she says. “They want to be part of a bigger picture. They enjoy being part of this company and part of the family.”

The Art of Rebranding

John Cordova drew a comic strip for his high school newspaper. It was about a girl who spent time underwater with her best friend, an oyster. He’d sneak risqué jokes past the teachers and into the paper. John drew the comic because he grew up loving the arts—and because it earned him an English credit.

A few years have passed since then. He chose graphic design over illustration in college. Now John occupies an office on USANA’s first floor where he’s the executive director of creative services.

“It’s really weird to say I’ve been here for 15 years,” John says. “I haven’t done anything that long. I haven’t been married that long. It shows my age, but it seems like just the other day I was sitting on the other side of the room listening to people talk about rebranding a company, now I’m the one doing it.”

John was heavily involved in the rebranding process. He saw all the early renditions—about seven, he says. The eventual choice was his third favorite. But John says it all clicked for him when he heard the story behind the version with the globe. It was the one that said USANA, and embraced and embodied Dr. Wentz’ vision.

The logo change is something John has wanted to do for a while. But if he knew how much work was involved maybe he would have thought twice. “Now that we’re in the middle of changing everything,” he says, “it’s become apparent to me that making a new logo and launching it is the easiest part.”

Everything with a USANA logo has to change. That includes signs on buildings, sales tools, online forms, websites, logo merchandise, business cards, stationary, mastheads, magazines, and so much more. They’re still finding things they missed, John says.

But all the work hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm. “I’m actually really excited about the whole rebranding process,” he says. “Not just the logo, but the new messaging and everything behind it. It’s nice to work with different things after being here for so long.”

John’s big “aha” moment during the process might sound familiar. It has to do with the five letter that make up USANA.

There’s something about those five little letters. They end up stamped into tablets Maria, Heidi, and others in manufacturing work so diligently to make. They then end up getting packaged by David Johnson and those he’s trained. They eventually end up in hands around the world.

Maybe take some time to really look at your tablets and consider something. They may be small, the tweaks to them subtle, but the impact of those five little revitalized letters is huge. For you and for us.

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