The Future Already Looks Bright in Colombia

Flip the sign, unlock the door, and prepare for a deluge of possibilities, because Colombia is officially open for business.

USANA’s 19th international market was welcomed into our global family a few months ago with exuberant cheers and excitement. It’s safe to say we’re all expecting big things.

And there are plenty of reasons why.

We already have strong Associate ties in Colombia, making it possible for this market to hit the ground running. Colombia is also one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in the world, the third-largest economy in South America, had a total of $2.99 billion in retail sales from direct sellers in 2012, and is the 13
th largest direct-selling market in the world, according to data from the World Federation of Direct Selling Associates.

All these things made Colombia a perfect choice. There’s a huge opportunity for growth and impact now that we’re open for business. And the buzz is tangible. With hundreds of people attending meetings in Colombia ahead of our official launch, interest in USANA’s vision and opportunity is already impressive, making this more of a launching pad for success than a simple market opening.

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