Million Dollar Club

What is the Million Dollar Club?

Who are the best of the best at USANA? Members of the Million Dollar Club, of course. These are the hard-working Associates who’ve earned at least $1 million US in commissions and bonuses. Talk about loving life and living it, right?

As a member of this prestigious club, you not only get a cool new title, but you’ll also receive these special honors:
  • Our exclusive Million Dollar Club pin
  • A special e-mail news release all about you and your USANA journey
If you attend International Convention or Asia and Pacific Convention, you’ll also receive the following tributes:
  • Custom, blue Million Dollar Club blazer(s) presented during a special pinning ceremony.
  • An unveiling of a Million Dollar Club plaque that will serve as a testament to your success
  • A Million Dollar Club photo that will be highlighted in publications and on our wall of fame
By attending International Convention in Salt Lake City, you’ll be awarded your very own star on the Million Dollar Club Walk of Fame at the Home Office. We’ll even throw in an extra two days of pre-Convention perks, including:
  • Special treatment at one of Utah’s finest hotels
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Home Office
  • A recognition dinner with USANA executives and other Million Dollar Club members
  As you can see, the Million Dollar Club is the place to be. Put your business in full gear to become one of the elite.
*Must qualify as a Ruby Director or above with an Executive title 13 weeks after earning $1 million US in commissions.

Note: USANA reserves the right to restrict, update, or modify this recognition and may consider special exceptions on a case-by-case basis to be determined by the USANA management team. All individuals must be active and qualified for Leadership Bonus to be recognized in the Million Dollar Club.
Posted: 08-Apr-2009
Reviewed/Updated: 12-Feb-2016