Can diabetics use USANA products?

In general, there is really no reason a normally healthy diabetic (type I or II) cannot use the Nutritionals, USANA Foods, or do the RESET program. If they are type I, they simply need to take insulin according to the labeled carbohydrates on the products. If they are type II, they will also need to consult the labels for carbohydrate content.

(FYI, the total available carbohydrates in the Nutrimeals, including sugars, is roughly equivalent to one small-to-medium apple.)

The USANA Foods do not necessarily provide any unique benefit to diabetics, at least with regard to specifically treating or improving their condition. The drinks and bars may be of benefit if they are used to replace current poor choices for meals and snacks. (Of course, this would apply to anyone using the products, not just diabetics.) The product's designations as low-glycemic simply means that the rate at which the carbohydrates are broken down (resulting in increased blood sugar levels) is relatively slow compared to other foods. Low-glycemic does not necessarily mean low carbohydrate or low sugar - it is a relative measurement of rate, not a quantitative or absolute number.

In other words, regardless of the actual GI number, diabetics still need to account for the total carbohydrates and sugar present in the products. If a diabetic is having difficulty choosing healthy snacks or meals, the USANA Foods can be used quite easily and may be of some benefit. But, by themselves, these products will not do anything specific to prevent, reverse, or treat diabetes.