Hello, my name is Duane Spears and I'm a member of Worldwide Triathletes.  We are a group of triathletes, friends and family members who believe in promoting the sport of triathlon and in owning our own business so we can enjoy what we really want from life.  You may want to join us.

I believe your health is your number one asset and at 69, I have the good fortune to be in very good health. I have been taking USANA Health Sciences' supplements since 1995. On the right is a picture of me in 1996 when I was 52 and weighed 260 pounds. I think I need a bigger life jacket, don't you? Back then I could not swim, now I'm training for an Ironman. I will be competing in the Florida Ironman Galen and Me after we signed up for the Florida Ironmanthis coming November, 3rd 2012 in Panama City Beach, FL, with my friend, Galen. The picture on the left is after we signed up.

Nov 3rd 2012 has come and gone, I was not able to finish the swim and was not allowed to continue. I continued to train and was injuried in Feb 2013 during a training session. I was unable to continue training due to 3 deteriorating disks in my back, but now it's the end of June 2013 and I'm back to training. I increased the dosage of USANA'a joint product, Procosa, and I'm about 60% healed. The injuries preventing me from competing in the 2013 season. I'm getting ready for the 2014 season and will be injury-free.

Thank you for visiting my website. I'm excited that you are here on my website and look forward to this opportunity to share my information with you.  Click here to watch an online presentation. Please call me at any time with any questions you may have. My phone number is 913-731-7135 and my Skype username is onlinebusinessmentor. Please contact me for your FREE 30 minute business consultation at 913-731-7135.

There are many reasons a person would want a Network Marketing business.  It is multifaceted and can be anything to anyone; a little extra money to pay the bills, a vacation or a second vacation every year, a full time income,  a way for a new mom to stay at home and raise her child, (now that was a really good one), the list goes on and on.

Of course, I believe the best reason for triathletes to have a network marketing business is so that we don't need a job and this will provide us with more time to train and more time to spend with our families, wouldn't you agree?

Check out the video below, it is a quick 2 minute overview of USANA and it's successes over the years.  For more videos on the company and the products click here or on the above tab titled "4 critical beliefs".

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This is Very Important:  Anyone can do this. Young or Old; Someone with Multiple College Degrees or School Drop Out; Construction Superintendent or Day Laborer; CEO of a Corporation or the Janitor; Lawyer or Felon; Married or Single; The color of your skin does not matter, Black, Brown, Yellow, White or in between; Woman or Man. It simply does not matter, you must have faith, believe in yourself and have the willingness to work and learn. You must START and CONTINUE. I will be here to lead and help you every step of the way.

Click here to watch an online presentation of the USANA Health & Freedom Solution. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself to the very best life has to offer. Remember, quality is not expensive, it is priceless!


Duane Spears
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